Thank you to the many hands contributing to the day-to-day activities at Unity of bloomington. Won't you share your time and energy too? Here's how!

Food and Fellowship:

Contact Leslie Wilfong at hospitality@unityofbloomington.org


Greeting arrivals at Sunday service is a fun, easy way to get to know our community. Contact Bob and Carol Audley at greeters@unityofbloomington.org

Music & Audio Tech:

Contact Ginger Curry, Music Director at music@unityofbloomington.org


contact Joni James at photography@unityofbloomington.org


Contact Unity at powerpoint@unityofbloomington.org

Prayer Partner:

This team offers prayer support on Sunday mornings. Contact the Partners at prayerpartners@unityofbloomington.org

Property Team:

Contact Unity at facilities@unityofbloomington.org

Public Outreach:

Contact Rev. Lynnette Carlson at outreach@unityofbloomington.org

Sunday Service Support:

Contact Unity at sundayservice@unityofbloomington.org

Youth Education:

Contact Edith Gingles, YE Coordinator at uobyouthed@gmail.com